Valentine Farm – still farm-fresh in November

Farm fresh produce Summerland - Valentine Farm

November 3 ~ Driving out Dale Meadows Road, you can be forgiven for not noticing the small sign on the corner of Gould Avenue. You are probably more concerned it is almost 4:15 and the dump might be closed.

The sign reads “Valentine Farm – Our Heart is in Organics.”  Valentine Farm is located in the basin of an extinct volcano and in the shadow of the Kettle Valley Railway. We rely on ecologically based practices such as biological and cultural pest management and the conservation of non-renewable resources.  We are a certified organic farm, proud stewards of our land and our heart is in everything we do.

Currently, we have Westlandse, and Lacinato (or Black Tuscan) Kale.  The Lacinato is the one I use for my kale chips.

Today we just picked a mountain of lovely kale and barring a snow storm, we should still be bringing it in daily for a few weeks. ~ Kim

Billy the cat at Valentine Farms in Summerland, BC

Vegetables still going strong:

Kale – perfect for winter soups or sauteed in oil. A friend cooked some of this for the first time on the weekend, and said “That tender variety of kale was just like the one we grew many years ago but not what I can find in the supermarket.” We have lots of this left! Try some in the kale recipe in the Recipes and Reviews section

Sieglinde Potatoes – these are hard to find elsewhere but they seem to like to grow on our property. Should still be good for ages.

Swiss Chard – great in so many dishes – much the same uses as kale.

Sorrel – great in salads and also made a fabulous soup from it on Saturday. Lovely.

Leeks – great as a soup base.

Arugula – salads are superb with our arugula which is a bit on the peppery side.

Lettuce – nothing is wilting this year. Still crisp and tasty

Dill – lovely herb

Sage –goes with chicken, great in stuffings

Swiss Chard in November - Valentine Farm Summerland BC

Call us to arrange to come to the farm at 250-494-7300. We will be here.


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  1. Diane says:

    Looks mouthwatering Kim. :) <3 Diane

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