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Valentine Farm and the Vinegar Works – Summerland BC

Lovin’ Valentine Farm


A visit to Valentine Farm gives you all the choices of a farmer’s market, but it’s in a beautiful country setting and is only a few minutes from downtown Summerland in the Okanagan valley. Read more…


Stuart Little Eats Here

Kim Stansfield, Valentine Farm and Vinegar Works, Summerland, BC

Spring has sprung and with it visions of harvesting tomatoes, kale, basil – Lady Bountiful carrying wicker baskets laden with homegrown vegetables. A few fresh flowers thrown in for good measure. Read more…

Seeds Glorious Seeds article by Kim Stansfield

Seeds Glorious Seeds

Seeds Glorious Seeds

I was not born into vegetable gardening.  My grandparents had a yard but whereas the neighbours were using a lawnmower to cut their lawn, my grandmother was using a scythe to cut hers – if you consider that overgrown, scrubby patch of earth a lawn.  The only living thing she actually planted was gladiolus.  Sad to say, this horticultural heritage was passed on to my mother and, by association, to me. Read more…

Summerland Sweets article

Summerland Sweets

Summerland Sweets is a local success story. One of the original food processors in the valley, the company is still today, a family owned business run by the descendants of the original founder, Ted Atkinson.

Read more…