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Squash Soup recipe


Elaine Watts – a Summerland super-talented artist, requested the recipe for the squash soup for which I had posted a picture on Facebook. I didn’t actually have a recipe as I make up soups as I go along, but the following will serve as a guide in the making of this delicious soup – all ingredients are local except the chicken stock and even that can be as well.  Read more…


Paleo Muffins


I won’t go into what these muffins do or don’t contain but what I can say is that they are really good and couldn’t be easier to make. Read more…

Poached Leek and Dorset Blue Vinny tart recipe

Poached Leek + Upper Bench King Cole blue cheese recipe


We served this dish at our Chardonnay blind wine tasting last month. The recipe is an adaptation of the Poached Leek and Dorset Blue Vinny Cheese tart recipe by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall of River Cottage in the UK. For the blue cheese we used an Upper Bench King Cole cheese. The result was a more subtle taste than you might think and even those who don’t like blue cheese thought it was superb.

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German Zwiebelkuchen recipe also known as onion pie

Zwiebelkuchen recipe


This German Zwiebelkuchen is a bacon and onion tart and was one of the savoury tarts we made for the Chardonnay tasting. Very nice for those who are not vegetarian since this one has bacon.

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Jennifer Cockrall-King photo in Naramata garden. Photo by M. King

Urban Agriculture and the New Food Revolution

Book Review of Food and the City ~ by Kim Stansfield

Food and the City ~ Book by Jennifer Cockrall-King

Upon reading the first couple of pages of Edmonton and Okanagan based food writer Jennifer Cockrall-King’s book, Food and the City, I realize that my husband John’s family business was an early casualty of the self-service (no-service) grocery stores we know today or as Cockrall-King describes it, “The supermarket is really just the outlet mall for the industrial food system.” John’s family were grocers.  Read more…

Kim Stansfield column – Recipes and Reviews

All Hale Kale

Kim Stansfield on Kale

Kale recipe and article by Kim Stansfield of Vinegar Works at Valentine FarmKale. It is everywhere. I don’t mean it’s growing everywhere but rather it is the current superfood poster child. Like blueberries, goji berries, acai, quinoa, chia, farro, hemp hearts, pomegranates and kangaroo meat (I kid you not) before it, kale is superfood front page news.

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Salish Apple salad

Salish apple salad recipe

Salish Apple salad recipe

The Salish Salad recipe was developed by Ellie van Nie for the launch of the Salish apple – a new BC apple variety released in a ceremony at the UBC Apple Festival on Oct 13 in Vancouver.

The Salish is one of the first apples to be included in PICO’s (Okanagan Plant Improvement Corporation) innovative new programs branded “Born in BC. Raised in the Okanagan”.

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