Vanilla Pod and Osoyoos Larose

A Winemaker’s Dinner

Vanilla Pod and Osyoos Larose

A winemaker’s dinner at the Vanilla Pod on October 27 will be an opportunity for novices and aficionados alike, to see what Osoyoos Larose brings to the table. Pascal Madevon, winemaker for Osoyoos Larose for the past ten years will be the guest speaker.

Madevon, a Parisian by birth, studied both viticulture and oenology at the University of Bordeaux and is conversant with all aspects of winemaking.

Roots in Burgundy and Bordeaux

Pascal’s grandfather had a vineyard in the Burgundy region in Aloxe-Corton which was where Madevon first gained an appreciation for the outdoors and agriculture. After many years in the wine business Madevon is highly sensitive to the effects of the terroir on his wine and understands what influences and shapes the wine produced from various regions.

Through Pascal’s unique approach backed with experience and constant experimentation he has developed a style that is considered an art form and his passion and enthusiasm for the topic of winemaking is contagious. This is a man who studied to know everything he could about wine. Yet as a master of his trade it would be surprising to know that he still learns everyday. One of the surprises for Pascal was that in comparing the Osoyoos Merlot to a very good estate in Bordeaux, there was not a lot of difference. But the biggest surprise was that the Osoyoos Larose matured into a high quality wine much faster than the wines in Bordeaux.

Madevon has used the hot Okanagan climate combined with, as he calls it “incredible terroir’, to create one of the finest Cabernet Sauvignons in the region. Following a French tradition, the winery has only two wines, both of which are reds. Their ultra-premium red blend is Le Grand Vin, a notable wine with five Bordeaux varietals (a red meritage) which is causing a stir on the international wine scene. Le Grand Vin is dark in colour, beginning with aromas of vanilla, red berries and chocolate. It also contains a note of cigar box that captures the attention of serious collectors. Their second red is Pétales d’Osoyoos which is created from the wines remaining when Le Grand Vin has been assembled.

Pascal Madevon, with his deep love of wine, has coaxed the best from the terroir in Osoyoos to produce some classics, each of which have developed to perfection. As a purist Pascal is continuously looking for ways to improve the wine as well as the process and this year the vineyard is phasing out chemicals in a move towards being entirely organic.

The Vanilla Pod winemaker’s dinner will feature a five course wine paired tasting menu created by Chef Bruno Terroso, that will include a component tasting with all five Bordeaux varietals that make up this extraordinary blend. The meal will follow and include Le Grand Vin and Pétales d’Osoyoos.

This will be a rare opportunity to learn how Madevon uses classic Bordeaux varietals to blend his component wines that are known as some of the great wines of the Okanagan.

Tickets available in advance through the Vanilla Pod Restaurant. Call (250) 494-8222 for information.

article/photographs by Stephanie Seaton