Many Hats Theatre – Penticton, BC

Becky’s New Car, is a play that takes the audience on a smart, comic cruise through the perils of middle-aged longing and regret.

The main character is Becky, a somewhat frazzled wife whose husband Joe is solid if unexciting and uncommunicative. Her son is a graduate student in psychology, still lives at home and drives his parents crazy by constantly diagnosing them with various syndromes and disorders. Things get interesting when Becky is taken for a widow by a handsome millionaire!

Dates: Nov 8 – Dec 1 at The Cannery Stage

Doors open at 7:30pm, Showtime is 8:00pm, Sunday Matinees doors open at 1:30pm, Showtime is 2:00pm

More info on Many Hats website